Where to Give

Here are a few of the many ways your gift can be designated:

An Undesignated Gift:

Your donation will support broad-reaching efforts and current areas with the greatest need. (We will let you know where your gift was used.) GIVE NOW

Specific Areas Of Interest:

American Indian Youth Wellness Camp

Your donation will help to prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes in American Indian children: TO LEARN MORE


Your donation will help support the art studio and gallery providing expressive arts opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. TO LEARN MORE

Camp Wellness

Your donation will help adults better manage serious mental illness and live longer healthier lives through classes in diet, exercise and mindfulness: TO LEARN MORE

Mobile Health Program 

Your donation will help support the operation of a mobile health clinic, to ensure mothers receive early prenatal care and working poor families have access to health care in the communities where they live. TO LEARN MORE

Native American Research and Training Center

Your donation will help to increase opportunities for Native American undergraduate and graduate students to participate in higher education and health research. TO LEARN MORE

Sonoran University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

Your donation will help to increase equity and provide resources to support people with disabilities. TO LEARN MORE

Tucson Family Advocacy Program (our medical-legal partnership)

Your donation will help to support legal rights of patients to ensure equitable access to health care for all.  TO LEARN MORE

Workforce Development Program (our Peer Support Specialist certification training program)

Your donation will help to support adults in recovery, to achieve their goals to obtain employment, by training them to assist peers living with serious mental illness and/or substance use issues. TO LEARN MORE

The Nehal A. Shah, MD Memorial Global Health Award

Recipients of this award are medical students who demonstrate outstanding effort and leadership in Global Health education in their first 2 years in the University of Arizona College of Medicine as did Nehal Shah, MD, Class of 2009. GIVE NOW