Teaching Day

Each Thursday afternoon, residents are excused from all clinical duties to participate in Teaching Day. Speakers during this time include residents, family physicians, and specialists from a variety of other areas. Journal club, nursing home education and visits, patient safety and quality conference, and resident support services are also held during this time. Teaching Day includes not only didactic teaching, but also provides time for team building and meetings with the chief residents and the program director.
In addition to lectures there are a set of standard monthly conferences including:

  • Intern and Resident Support Groups
  • Behavioral Health
  • Board Review
  • Core Family Medicine Lectures
  • Global Health Dedicated Lectures
  • Patient Safety and Quality Conference (Inpatient, Outpatient, MCH)
  • Integrative Medicine
  • Journal Club
  • Nursing Home Didactics
  • Resident Lecture
  • Sports Medicine
  • Wellness Curriculum

Dr. Morgan Lyttle and Dr. Paul Swenson at a casting workshop

Dr. Naomi Young and Dr. Theresa Simard

Dr. Chantelle Chen and Dr. Shana Semmens at a dental workshop

Dr. Jason Patel and Dr. Myles Stone at a casting workshop

Dr. Theresa Simard and Dr. Grace Price at a dental workshop