Rural Opportunities

One of the unique aspects of the University of Arizona/College of Medicine South Campus Family Medicine Residency program is the opportunity residents will have to participate in rural rotations.  Each resident will have the opportunity to choose from a number of excellent clinical sites depending on his or her own interests and plans for future practice.  We recognize that physicians desiring to provide healthcare to under-resourced populations whether in rural or urban areas, must develop a broad, procedurally oriented skill set.  It is our belief that many of the rural hospitals and clinics in Arizona provide an ideal environment for these skills to develop.

In addition to well-rounded training received at the UAHN South Campus Hospital, a portion of each resident's rotation will be conducted at rural rotation sites.  Residents will complete one four week block in each of the following areas: 

Rural Arizona Family Medicine

Rural Arizona Obstetrics

Rural Arizona Emergency Medicine

Rural Electives